Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fort Edmonton

I sometimes blog about historical Canadian military sites (for example, the Halifax Citadel and Fort York). I realized this summer I’d neglected to post anything about Fort Edmonton, which was the local Hudson’s Bay trading post.

There were actual five forts between 1795 and 1915 in various locations, the last of which was built on the flats below the eventual location of the provincial legislature. The remains of the fort were dismantled in 1915.

A recreation of the last fort (circa 1840) has been constructed as part of Fort Edmonton Park, about 5km upstream from the last fort site.

It includes the four story residence of John Rowand and several residences.

There is also a smithy and a York boat (as well as a new boat under construction).

The park also has a circa 1885 North West Mount Police Post (not pictured).

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