Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 4 Club Night

We had 15 guys out last night and actually ran short of games! I hosted a game of Memoir '40, presenting the Battle of Hannut-Merdorp (May 13, 1940).

We were able to play this scenario twice, with the wiley Germans winning both times. The French could not get a card or a die roll to save their souls.

The German win means that they will have an opportunity to add a tank during their next reinforcement role when I sort out the orbats for Resistance in Gembloux.

There were lots of other games going.

 Dan hosted a lot of guys in a game of Xwing including newcomers Adam and Steven.

Jonathan and Scott played some Impetus.

Dave and Dennis played DBA 3.

Up next: I bought/swapped a huge WW2 collection so I am sorting that out right now. Next up should be some more 1/72-scale WW2!

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