Sunday, May 5, 2013

MayDay 2013

The Edmonton Wargame Group hosted its 9th annual MayDay gaming convention yesterday. We have about 80 people through the doors participating. The main hall included two tourneys (40k and warmachine) plus open gaming. We also ran a large silent auction in the hallway to defray club costs over the year.

During the morning session, I put together the auction and then jumped between observing two games. Sean from Calgary ran a game of Gaslight. Below is the camel corp, which went on quite a tear.

Dave hosted a game of El Cid-themed War and Conquest. I thought the Christians were in for a rough time during the first few turns but then they managed to punch some knights through the Muslim line and execute a flanking attack on the blackguard. Marginal win for El Cid in the end. One more turn and it would have been a major win.

In the afternoon, Mike and Ward brought out a large game of X-wing. I have heard good things and was keen to try. Mike coached Wiley (below) and I through a Vader v Skywalker dogfight. Wow, what a slick system--a bit like Wings of War but with the clunkiness worked out.

After Wiley's efforts to Force-choke me failed, the dogfight commenced. Since neither of us had played we had a couple of minor traffic jams that (fortunately) tipped things my way. Some interesting tactical things to be aware of--using the Y-Wing's Ion cannon to tie up a ship for the X-wing can some in and waste it next turn, for example. All told, a great game.

The X-wing continued with a large battle featuring all manner of ships but I steppe dout to chat with some gaming buddies I hadn't seen in a awhile.

I bailed mid-way through the evening session but snapped a picture of Justin's Vietnam terrain, which was very nice.

Terry put on a game of Pirates which looked great.

Thanks to the organizers and tournament and game hosts--perhaps the most successful MayDay yet!

Up next: Working on 15mm winter terrain this evening after spending the afternoon working on some 2000mm summer terrain. And I have some more 1/72 stuff to get to eventually. And our regular club night runs on Tuesday.


fireymonkeyboy said...

Looks like a fun day, well done!


Bob Barnetson said...

Yes, a good time, I think. After 9 years, I think we have most of the kinks worked out (although it is still a fair bit of work). Nice to see predominantly miniatures-based convention in a town where boardgames seem to dominate the convention scene. It is also nice to see some folks come back for a ninth straight year (including guys who have to drive a fair way to get here).