Saturday, June 1, 2024

15mm Elven and Wraith Riders

The LotR Risk game also provided me with lots of 15mm Elven riders as well as wraiths on horses, so I decided to paint up a few of each.

These figures are nothing special (being game tokens) but they would do the job as light cavalry or scouts. These literally cost pennies each.

The wraiths are equally so-so as sculpts.

There wasn't much detail to work with here so they got a brown drybrush (rider) and grey drybrush (horse), silver detailing, and then a black wash. Meh. I guess they do the part.

Size-wise, they fit pretty well with the other plastics (from various Battlelore sets) that make up most of my 15mm medieval/fantasy armies.

Up next: Ummm, maybe some 15mm eagles?

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