Saturday, June 22, 2024

15mm Billmen and Archers

I was looking around for figures to expand my 15mm armies and ran across some extras someone was selling from a kickstarter game called Joan of Arc. Beautiful figures from an apparently unplayable game. Anyhow, I worked my way through some of the 15mm archers and billmen.

The billmen are nice and usefully posed. Like most plastic game pieces, the thin bill shafts were quite bent. I straightened them in hot water but some have bent back

The archers are also nice and very easy to paint. I didn't end up with many of these so I filled out the ranks with some horn guys.

The light washed out some of the detail in the picture below.

Overall, a good match for my existing 15mm plastics.

Up next: Maybe some 25mm Star Wars and 15mm fantasy?

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