Saturday, May 20, 2023

Speeder bikes

A few weeks back, I bought some old micromachine speeder bikes to supplement my Rebel forces. There are just slightly smaller than 25mm but look fine on the table. I gave them a quick touch up to the cloaks (camo pattern) and drybrush and wash to pop the details.

I glued each to a piece of florist wire and then glued the wire to a base. In play, you can't see the wire because you are looking from the top down and the wire isn't been light up by photobooth lights!

The wires let you reposition the bikes as you like. I rebased some micromachine Imperial scout troopers I had to the same standard. I see I need to clean up the paint on the side of the bases.

The photo below illustrates how these micromachines are a bit smaller than the 25mm West End Games metals. They are pretty close. 

The WEG figures need a sturdier base (roofing nails, as it happens). Overall, this was an easy way to give myself some additional Rebel options for Xenos Rampant.

Up next: Some buildings and some Crimean foot.