Saturday, February 18, 2023

Random Star Wars Imperial Assault

I moved a few more 28mm Imperial Assault figures off the bench today. Bases are as requested by the owner. First up are 0-0-0 and BT-1, sociopathic assassins who delight in the termination of "meatbags". I guess? These are from some comic book featuring Darth Vader. Seems like they're just milking players at this point, though.

Then Jabba. This was a nice sculpt and an easy paint.

Finally, there is a boy and his Bantha. This sculpt is big and had a nasty bend to the rifle that straightened right out using hot water. Then came back. Then straightened again with more hot water. Then came back. Got it as straight as I could after an application of heavy cursing and holding it as it cooled.

For whatever reason, the lighting washed out the water, yellow tone in the top and bottom pictures. The picture below is a truer sense of the tone of the figure.

Up next: Some boardgames figures I'm painting for another fellow and then back to more Star Wars.

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