Saturday, June 18, 2022

3-D printed Cylons

Awhile back, I painted up some Cylons from Crooked Dice. I noticed that Tangent Miniatures was also offering some 3-D prints so I bought both sets. 

These were pretty nice figures with lots of poses. I left out the two pilot poses and I also seem to left one fellow on the painting table when I snapped these figures.

With the exception of Centurian Powerpoint (top left, what is that guy supposed to be doing?), the poses are pretty good and there is a mix of rifles, pistols and swords.

They fit in well enough with the Crooked Dice Cylons (left below).

The Tangent plastics (left below) are a bit beefier but also have finer details than the Crooked Dice metals but, on the table, they are hard to tell apart.

They all fit in with the Tangent Miniatures Colonials pretty well.

Up next: Who knows: 54mm AWI cavalry? 

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