Saturday, June 4, 2022

Random sci-fi clean-up

My goal this summer is to get the top of my painting table cleaned up and perhaps all of the figures off of it. This week is a random selection of sci-fi figures.

 Crooked Dice released this dagget and Twiggy combination. Always a sucker for BSG, I bought it. 

The dagget fits in nicely with the Colonials I have from Tangent Miniatures.

I discovered this lone Star Wars droid. It is plastic and likely a micro machine? Pretty close to the metal West End Games 25mm one I have.

Since my Crooked Dice order had some room left in it before the shipping went up, I opted to add in this Xena figure. Meh. Arms were separate with the join in the middle of the bicep (which sucked). I worry her arms won't survive first contact with my gaming buddies ("Easy here, Lenny"). Tangent Miniatures looks to be offering its own Xena plus friends.

Up next: More Crimea.

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