Saturday, June 26, 2021

Some 3-D prints

I was driving by Terry's place a few weeks back and remembered he'd offer to gift me some 3-D woodpiles. So I stopped in for a chat on the porch and he handed me a clutch of stuff he's printed. Please don't ask for details about printing--I've no idea beyond they were grey-blue. 

I slapped some paint on them and, while I don't think I did the figures justice (they were very nice), I think they turned out pretty good despite my painting! I've been watching a lot of 70s sci-fi (Star Lost, Space 1999, Planet of the Apes) hence the basic space BDU approach to their gear.

The fellow with the open face (below) is an old metal figure and he fits in pretty well with the printed ones in terms of scale. I don't think I'll be getting into printing figures, but wow, these are awesome. Only brittle part was the gun barrel behind the lady's head (below) which I broke off while basing and then reattached with crazy glue and swearing.

Terry also gave me some terrain pieces (two wood piles) which are at least as nice as the cast resin I used to buy.

They are a touch big for 28mm gaming (with 25, 32 and 28 figures for scale) but you can just shrink the printing size if you want.

They fit in reasonably well with these 54mm figures.

Thanks for a cool diversion, Terry!


Terry Silverthorn said...

Your welcome Bob. I do find that you cannot expect a file you bring in at 100% to be scaled to something specific. Not sure why that is, as I would expect many to design files to known standards... maybe I'm wrong & its more the printer your using. As I've used a bear model on an fdm printer which printed out HUGE at 100%. You can go back in my blog about that. Your also right about the brittleness of these figures. I've had some bits break off while removing supports, & only realize after the fact the little bit is gone. Not a huge issue though as I can just print more!

Simon Quinton said...

Fab work on them all. The log pile work imo just treat them as bigger logs :)

I can't see myself getting into printing either. I think it then becomes the hobby and you also end up increasing your backlog massively.