Saturday, April 24, 2021

Colonial Warriors

There are six colonial warriors in Tangent Miniatures' line. I bought them all but got two Apollo's and no Jolly (he is on his way). These are pretty good figures, 3-D casts rendered in metal.

First up, we have Starbuck, Serena, and Apollo. I think Serena was supposed to be Sheba, but looks nothing like her (the likenesses of female sculpts are not as good as the males). So I made her Serena. Who needs two Athen's anyhow?

Next we have Boomer, Sheba, and a generic guy I made by cutting the head off the extra Apollo and glueing on one of the helmeted colonial heads that came with the set. Boomer is good but had a lot of flash. Sheba is supposed to be Athena, but looks nothing like her and Athena is also left-handed. The figure looks a bit like Anne Lockhart so Sheba it is. Generic guy could be the Rick Springfield character (Zak?) or maybe Ensign Greenbean.

Overall, these were fun figures to paint. I am still waiting for Jolly to arrive. The figures match the Crooked Dice Cylons that I have pretty well. I also have an MDF RAM APC from Warbases. It looks complicated and ultimately not that great so it goes to the bottom of the project pile.


Simon Quinton said...

Lovely work on them all!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks! Just finishing up the missing Jolly and a few other bits.