Tuesday, October 17, 2017

More ghoulish minis

A few more things are rolling off the painting line. This building was a gift from Terry. He'd already block painted the exterior so all I had to do was assemble the two halves, wash, dull-coat, and put a roof on. A lovely little building for Gotham. Maybe needs a detail or two--a front step maybe? Or some advertising on the wall?

A rare trip to Michael's netted me some deeply discounted fencing from the Hallowe'en village section. Five sections (a gate and four walls) was $5. Each kit made 15" of wall so I bought four. This is about enough to create a graveyard.

I also painted, washed, and rebased from horrorclix zombies that Scott gave me. They turned out just fine for gaming purposes--probably be a gang in Pulp Alley.

This goes a long way towards prepping the Hallowe'en game I'll run next year! 

Up next: Terry is running a Cthulhu game at the club. I hope to make some progress on some more 28mm pulp figures as well as finishing some rebasing of some Star Wars figures.


Phil said...

Beautiful figures and building, I love the impressive fences!

Terry Silverthorn said...

Hope you post some of the Chtulhu game photos Bob, you took more than I did & I hope to get my post done tonight. Thanks for playing!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. 5 feet of 28mm fencing for $20 painted was a great deal!

Bob Barnetson said...

Just posted now!