Saturday, June 11, 2016

Last of the dwarves

A few days of rainy weather gave me enough time to finish off the last of the Battlelore dwarves that have been patiently waiting on a painting tray for months.

These are big dwarves for 15mm figures (probably close to 25mm dwarves). Above we have some skirmishers with swords and bucklers.

There were two different sculpts of the dwarves carrying either claymores or bastard swords (one left handed and one right handed. I'm not sure what they are supposed to represent (in terms of the difference). Again, south paws predominate.

The dwarves also came (every helpfully) with siege engines (or field artillery) and a crew. The ballistas will likely find themselves serving all sides.

There were also some axe men and a bunch of crossbow men.

Finally, there were four bear riders that I got in one of the expansions. I'd guess that the sculptor was different for this expansion. The figure is also much smaller than the rest of the dwarves and generally isn't that inspiring. But nice to have a cavalry option.

Up next: I have a 1/76-scale US half-track built and being painted. I also found two 15mm monsters (a giant and a spider) from Battlelore that I'm painting. Looking at what I have, I would think that I will be shifting back towards some WW2 modelling this summer. I've also been re-reading Dragon Rampant and may give that a go with Jess shortly.

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