Monday, May 23, 2016

Battlelore standards

Jess and I spared over a game of Epic Battlelore last night as I finally finished up most of the major.

Jessica handily beat me (I could not roll worth a damn) but it was nice to play and see my boys out on the table. I think I used the first Epic scenario but took the fantasy element out and stripped off the magic to make the rules simpler (mostly for me--I was tired!).

I've spent a fair bit of time this past week grinding out the banner. The trick here was that they were already stickered so I spent a lot of time painting around the edges. Leaving them as plain grey plastic wasn't really an option as I found I had a hard time telling the green and blue apart. I think the result is pretty good.

Up next: I have about 50 more dwarves to finish. I'm doing them in a giant lot production style. I am also hoping to get these figures out again shortly for a game of Dragon Rampant.

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tim said...

looks fabulous with all the little guys painted!