Monday, June 20, 2016

Some WW2 tanks

I finished up some 1/72-scale German tanks this weekend, just in time to run a game at the club tomorrow! I don't usually cut things that close and I'm happy to have these done.

These are kits I got about a year ago from Tim in Saskatoon. The Panther is a 1/76-scale Hasegawa kit. Lovely to build. The treads were slightly fiddly to mate and I ended up stapling them. Good thing is came with skirts! I added a little battle damage.

Tim also had two Panzer 3s from Revell. Love the hard plastic Revell treads! Nice enough kits even though the skirts (especially on the turrets) required some extra effort. I'm not crazy about the camo schemes. Oh well--done is done.

Up next: A game of Memoir and then a Russian SPG and a US half track. After that, who knows?


tim said...

They look great, Bob!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Tim. Been awhile since I have painted any camo. I think the stripes was less successful than the blobs.