Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Club Night May 3

We had eight guys out last night at the club and two games ran. Terry hosted a game of tomb robbing (The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus). A fun game with a fair bit of randomness.

As the ceiling starts to the guys who ran deepest into the tomb (where the best treasure is) get nervous.

There was quite  rush at the end and a few near misses. No idea who won--maybe Andy or Terry?

Dave and Elliot played a game of X-wing.

We then had a second go at tomb-raiding. The drama this time was around Andy. he was the last man in the tomb as the escape route got narrower and narrower. But he held his nerve and grabbed treasure after treasure to barely escape. Not sure who won.

Up next: Mayday is Saturday and I also have a bunch of painted goblins that I need to show off. Alas, the summer weather is hard to ignore.

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Terry Silverthorn said...

I won the first game, Andy easily won the second with I think 31 pts worth of treasure