Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Panzer 2s for Memoir 40

Filling out the German forces for my Memoir 40 game are these five 20mm Panzer 2s from 20mm Zone. These were lovely minis to put together.

They come with a resin hull, metal treads and a one-piece turret. There was also some spare tread. I found some decals to finish them off (decals could stand to be dirtied up a bit). Everything fit with very little clean up.

Up next: Some Panzer 38(t)s to round out the German armour.


tim said...

Those turned out really nice Bob. Well done.

I have not played Memoir 44, but I know it's hex-based, and so I was wondering how big are the hexes you're going to be playing with? Do you need to accommodate multiple tanks in a single hex?

Bob Barnetson said...

It is a 9 by 13 hex board and I'm using four inch hexes. My plan was to use a single tank and the track hut points with loose single based figures. So a tank unit with three hits would be represented by 1 tank and 2 dudes. Dudes removed first.