Friday, July 25, 2014

My donation to the club's autumn auction

To defray the Edmonton Wargames Group's operating costs this coming year, we're hosting a club auction. In short, folks donate stuff, Dave posts it on ebay and the proceeds pay the rent (supplemented by our modest dues).

My contribution to the auction is this 16-figure, painted 28mm war band. The figures are a mix (that I think I picked up at the MayDay silent auction a few years back) but I suspect the bulk at Old Glory.

There are 13 foot. Ten guys are spearmen and could be used from later Imperial Rome through to the middle ages. There are also three command figures. I was aiming for a dark ages look, thus one of them is a shaman/druid, complete with staff and Raven.

There are are three mounted guys, including a very hairy man. These would work well in Songs of Blades and Glory or any other skirmish rules.

All on GW bases with static grass and flock. I believe the auction gets underway in September so Iw ill pack these guys up in bubble and hand the box off to Dave at the club on August 5.


tim said...

Nice. Do you have a link to Dave's Sellers Page on ebay?

Bob Barnetson said...

No, sorry. I think the auction will start in the autumn.