Wednesday, April 30, 2014

World at War

I swung out to Bruce's last night for our non-club Tuesday game as my daughter's soccer team had a bye. Bruce put on a small World at War scenario set in West Germany. The Germans (foreground and right) had to prevent the Soviets from occupying both hexes of the two at the top centre.

The Soviets had a small paratroop force in the town and lots of tanks coming on the board on turn three (game ran 8 turns). I decide to split my forces (face palm), leave the Leopards free to shoot, while the troops attacked the town. This had to do with the initial positions and the placement of the rivers--I was trying to get fire on the town as fast as possible.

In retrospect, I should have waited an extra turn and run both forces into town before the endless hordes of Soviet tanks turned up. Overall, a resounding Soviet win. Bad dice didn't help but I lost this one with bad tactics.

Up next: I have more 1/72 AWI rebasing underway but good weather draws me to the garden and the bicycle. MayDay is this weekend but I have work and home stuff to juggle so will only be there to start the auction off and drop off my donations.

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