Monday, April 21, 2014

Re-based AWI foot

Continuing with the re-basing, I moved a bunch of American foot through the process last night. There are four bases of command. I normally only do three bases but I wanted a militia command base.

There were 57 or so figures based individually, with more variety of poses among the militia than the regulars. The militia are a mix of modern figures and a bunch of old Airfix Confederates (one of those boxes with endless uses).

I see the left figure above has shed paint off his rifle (why make figures in eye-searing-red plastic?). And the fellow next to him has his right leg--it is just out of the shot due to the crazy charging pose.

The regulars are more numerous than the militia and have a couple of different colours of cuffs. The poses are just more uniform.

Up next: Some rebel cannon and maybe some Indians. Plus a game of X-wing with Bruce on Tuesday night.


Barks said...

I like them!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. Fun to see how quickly this goes as compared to painting and then basing!

Sun of York said...

Great use of the old Airfix set.

Bob Barnetson said...

They are so handy. Some fill out militia for my War of 1812 armies. A couple have shown up in my Indian Wars troops. They are so vague in their firearms that will pretty much serve from 1775 to 1902. Likely one of the most useful 1/72 sets around.