Wednesday, February 5, 2014

EWG Club Night February 4

We had eight guys (including one Guy) out at the club last night and three games ran. Dave hosted a game of Hail Caesar, trotting out some Dacians to take on his late Romans.

Bruce had some 15mm Maurice out, with the Battle of Saratoga resulting in a huge American win (and Terry didn't even have to manipulate the terrain to win!).

Scott and I played three games of CCA. This was a Romans versus Celts game set in 51BC and Scott beat the holy hell out of me in all three games. I wish I could say I threw the games to make him feel better given that a Girl Guide mom creased his car for, but I'm not charitable like that.

The first two games were reasonable close (6-4). The third game was a stomping (6-1?) that started out with an arrow through the eye of my general and went rapidly downhill. A couple of line advance cards helped him out as did some bad rolling on my part, but what a beating it was.

We discovered I needed to make the bases I'm using slightly thicker so we could grab them a bit better. Maybe card stock is the solution here.

Up next: Some more 1/72-scale chariots for the Celts are under way. Then perhaps some more cavalry.

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Dave said...

I use big sheets of 1/8" balsa to make bases thicker - two sided cello tape to prevent warping if you want your lino base adhesive side up. Or double up the lino...