Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 6th Games Night

We had 11 guys out to the club last night and three games ran. Dave C. put on a game of Sharpe's Practice using some lovely 28mm plastic Napoleonic figures he just painted.
Chen and Mark played this scenario twice. The scenario got high marks over coffee but the rule system received mixed reviews.
Kevin hosted a game of WW2 Canvas Eagles.
This was a late-war attack on a US bomber stream but a bunch of Me262 jets.
Elliot, Matt, Bruce and Chris all played.
It was quite a sight, with 262s catching fire all over the place, with dead-eye Matt and dead Elliot beating the heck out of the bombers.
Scott hosted me in a game of 6mm Command and Colors Ancients. We played two linked scenarios based on Teutoberg Forest. The first scenario was a massacre. We played it twice and both times the Romans (trapped against a marsh, yellow base tags) were easily greased by the German warbands.
The second game was a breakout game for the Romans. They started in a hasty pallisade and had to kill the Germans and/or get off the board to win. This was much more balanced, with a two-one split for the Germans the three times we played it.
Next games night is Tuesday, October 20th. Dave will bring the Battle of Hastings for WAB. There was also some big talk about a game of Epic CCA (three boards, six players, every mini I own).

Up next: Likely some 1/72 fantasy skirmishers. And some dwarves if I can get a bit of time in this weekend.

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