Friday, October 9, 2009

1/72 Elven and HUman Skirmishers

I managed to finish up some more 1/72 fantasy figures. This time some human and elven skirmishers. Again, based on 120mm bases for either Basic Impetus or triple-sized HoTT.
The humans are a mix of Zvezda and Emhar viking sets.
I quite like the Zvezda. Emhar is nice in that it can be glued with regular model cement but are bigger, less detailed and some poses are bit two-dimensional (like the guy on the left below).
I also did two bases of eleven skirmishers from Caesar.
I think these turned out quite nice. Maybe a bit drab, but they are skirmishers!
Next up: Dwarves! I have a tonne of Caesar dwarves on sticks right now. The shooters are done and ready to basing (perhaps Monday...) while the rest need detailing. The bulky nature of the dwarves means they are a bit more like metal figures in their proportions (so much easier to paint!). I'm also working on sorting out a 15mm 100YW army from a box of figures I got. Then there are all of the 1/72 Dark Alliance and Caesar Orcs that demand attention... .

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