Saturday, May 4, 2024

15mm Eleven Archers

I've been thinking about expanding some 15mm fantasy/medieval armies that I have.  Most of my figures are from the old Battlelore game, which includes humans, dwarves, and goblins. I was thinking about adding elves. There are truly lovely metal elves about, but I notices that the LotR Risk game from a few years ago has some pretty good 15/18mm figures so I bought up a bag of pieces on fleabay.

There are more than 100 in the game so I painted up 30 in a foresty theme. These could be light archers, skirmishers, or rangers. For cheap, mass-produced plastics, these are pretty nice. I have another 30 underway in a more High Elf colour scheme.

Below, I've compared them to the Battlelore archer (left) and the Battlelore Westeros archer (right). Not a bad match. I see the drybrush on the elf base is a bit too sage and could use some yellow.

Below are the LotR compared to some (I think) Splintered Light heroes and magic users. Again, pretty close in stature and hardly noticeable in play. I had thought to source additional troop types from Splintered Light, once I get these fellows painted up. They have some lovely elven cavalry riding moose (or perhaps elk).

Up next: Some HO-scale Gotham buildings, some 15mm elves, some 28mm dungeon tiles, and some 15mm foes and creatures.

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