Saturday, April 20, 2024

Some 28mm terrain

I noticed I was a bit short on interior terrain when I laid out the Joker's lair awhile back. Specifically, I had no beds and few tables. After looking online and humming and hawing, I ordered a tavern pack of 3-D printed terrain.

It came with a pretty decent selection of beds, tables, chairs, and fireplaces. Being mostly wood, it was also very quick to paint up.

For $35, I though it was a pretty good deal. The only real defect is the horizontal seam on the end of the foot boards. While these have a real D&D vibe, I think they could work pretty much for any time period. The wrinkles on the bed look a bit less terraced in person than they do in these pictures.

The non-bed items were pretty good, with six pub-style tables, three end tables, and a bunch of other furniture.

There were no assembly instructions and I ended up gluing the shelves from the writing hutch to the top of the fireplaces before I figured out where they were supposed to go. Oh well.

These three end-tables with books on them also turned out well given how little effort they took.

Overall, a fun project that only took a couple of hours and really helped round out my indoor terrain.


Anonymous said...

These look great, Bob, and scatter terrain makes a game look that much more life like 😀

tim said...

Well those look cozy and not like they're about to be hacked to bits by wraiths looking for some lost jewelry!?

Remco said...

Fantastic stuff, i love it!