Saturday, February 17, 2024

Fistful of Lead Batman, Game 3

So, picking up the storyline in this series of linked scenarios, the Joker had destroyed enough of Gotham's communication infrastructure that he was able to kidnap Commission Gordon! Unfortunately, during the dust-up, Joker was seriously injured and had to sit out a game, as did Green Arrow. 

I wanted to see how well the game played with four players as well as use some of my outdoorsy terrain so the scenario is that the Joker's gang has to get Commissioner Gordon from the far corner of the table to the near corner, and then into the Joker's liar. This requires going through Gotham woods, which is bisected by a stream and a marsh. Harlequin and various gangsters start with Commission Gordon. For support, a team of four specialists marches out of the Joker's Lair.

Batman is back from his rest break and comes on the table from the right side with three beat cops. More cops can join him on a die roll at the end of each turn. On the left side of the table, Black Lightening and Batgirl enter. They can be joined by Robin and Black Canary on a die roll. I played each side with a separate hand of cards.

Turn 1 sees mostly movement on the far side of the board, as Harlequin grabs Commission Gordon and hauls ass. Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, and Poison Ivy advance, only to run into Batman. A Batarang takes Poison Ivy out on the first turn!

Turn 2 sees Riddler try to confuse Batman and fail, only to get hit twice by batarangs and pick up two shock markers for the trouble. This effectively suppressed the Riddler. There was more frantic movement on the far side of the table as Batgirl and Black Lightening tried to control the ford over the stream.

Turn 3 saw reinforcements begin arriving for Batman and a huge bunch of melees. Catwoman took a beating at the hands of a bunch of cops before Penguin waded in with his umbrella sword and thinned the cops out. Riddler got further suppressed.

Meanwhile, back on the far side, Black Lightening and Batgirl turn to face a bunch of gangsters while Harlequin sneaks past them with the Commissioner. Robin arrives on the far edge of the board.

Turn 4 was rough for Team Joker. Penguin called in some thugs for help but was promptly KOed by Batman in melee. Riddler and Catwoman are also so beat up as to be useless.

Mid-board, Batgirl took out some thugs only to be gunned down by some gangsters. Harlequin snuck across the river into some willows with the Commissioner, and Black Lightening left Batgirl to follow Harlequin.

Turn 5 saw Harlequin sprint across some open ground before Black Lightening could react and got the Commissioner into some trees. Black Lightening blasted her and ended up shocking her and Commissioner Gordon! Catwoman routed, Riddler got KOed, and Batman rushed into the melee. A beat cop ran to try and block Harlequin's exit. On the far side of the Board, Robin got wounded and Black Canary finally arrived.

Turn 6 saw Harlequin get within inches of the board edge, slowed by the shock she'd picked up. The beat cop plowed into her and KOed her, rescuing Commissioner Gordon!

Batman, maybe still suffering from his past wounds, got beat in melee and was wounded.

And, in the middle of the board, Black Canary took out a mob boss while Robin ran out of batarangs. Black Lightening also ran out of juice, but the fight had largely gone out of the remaining mobsters and they bolted.

At the end of the game, Team Bats scored 10 points (for a total of 17 so far) while Team Joker picked up 4 points (for a total of 14 so far). Both teams had a lot of figures injured who will need to test to see if they are available for the last fight, deep inside Joker's lair (giving me a chance to haul out my dungeon terrain).

Overall, the game played fine with four players (perhaps even more interesting because the action shifted back and forth and more special cards came up). Batman might be a touch too powerful with his shooting and I wonder if the damage done by batarangs need to be downgraded to shock only?

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Codsticker said...

Wonderful looking game. We played a game of Pulp Alley last weekend and Batman and Robin showed up in it to pay spoilers lol.