Saturday, January 20, 2024

More 28mm scifi

Today, I finished a second batch of random sci-fi figures that I picked up on fleabay. These were all 28mm and I've no idea who made them. 

The two red guys above likely would have been better in black jumpsuits, but I had some dark red on the pallet and I'm not really happy with how my black outfits turn out. The blue boxer guy with one eye is a total mystery so they got a 1970s/80s Batman campy paint job.

The three ninja ladies are also unknown to me. Fortunately, I had some old clix figures (ninja clown ladies) so I just matched their paint jobs as best I could. And voila, the Joker gets a few more martial artists to slow down Gotham's finest.

Up next: I have some 28mm Crimean artillery and crews almost done and I discovered the Russian cavalry (sigh) so I guess it is more horses. So many horses. But, at the end of the horses, that is the end of the project (hurray!).

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