Saturday, November 18, 2023

Last of the Imperial Assault figures

I knocked off the last of a commission for a friend, including the five 28mm Imperial Assault figures. First up is Hondo Ohnaka. 

Literally no idea who this is, but a cool figure hiding a blaster behind his back. The owner requested a rubble base (a pun for Terry).

Then we have Zed Orrelios. I always struggle with aliens, both their skin tone and their outfits colours. This went okay with a purple wash over white and some Christmas Tree green toned down by a bit of lime.

This is Sabine Wren. Black wash over white then block painting and a bit of highlighting. She turned out okay.

This is Ezra Bridger, force user of some type who seems to have a cowboy fetish.

And finally, Kanan Jarrus, also a force user.

Overall, a pretty fun lot to paint. Up next: Some dungeon terrain and fantasy types.

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