Saturday, May 14, 2022

Last few baddies from Imperial Assault

 Last of the Imperial Assault 28mm. first up are some baddies. Greedo flanked by two generic hired gun.

I was leery of the palette for these but they turned out okay.

Greedo I figured would be very hard (I hate painting green skin--I can never get the colour right) but the sculpt made it easy.

Maul posed two challenges: bent light sabre (I tried everything to get it to straighten out) and dark palette with red tattoos.

Basically I'm happy. The base is totally kick ass in person but looks like garbage in this photo for some reason. I wonder if the camera is struggling to reconciling the dark skin and lighter rocks.

Up next: Crimea British, I think.

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Dale said...

I think the solution to the bent lightsaber is to drill it out and replace it with piano wire.