Saturday, January 29, 2022

1/7000 Space stations

Two related projects today, both space stations. First up was a Christmas gift from Bruce. An enormous resin space station on an asteroid and two smaller gun pods. I have put some 1/7000ish Trek Ships in for scale (ship bases are one-inch across if that helps). Bruce did the painting.

I also found some old Star trek Monopoly hotels (Jupiter station). These were designed to lay flat on the monopoly board but I took two, did some minor cutting, and wed them to create full models (you can see the seam on the right-hand one).

For tokens I was going to toss, they turned out nicely. Here they are with some 1/7000 STTNG ships. They are a bit small for 1/7000 (Jupiter station is huge). but close enough.

And here is one with two 3-D printed space stations I bought two years ago.

Overall, a nice addition. Up next: Probably Crimean cannon.

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