Saturday, August 7, 2021

3mm British infantry and terrain

I finished some more 3mm figures for Rommel this week. These are very tiny; the bases are standard FoW 40x30mm bases. 

The British infantry come with strips of standing and strips of prone infantry. I left the strips (I did not want to be fiddling with individual 3mm figures) but separated them into advancing and defending groups. I added some extra cannon to the defenders. There are about 12 bases of each type.

I needed some bridges so got eight in five types. Not sure why they are showing as pink?

Rommel also requires entrenchment markers. I bought the simplest berms I could find.

Up next: German vehicles in 3mm.

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Terry Silverthorn said...

WOW so tuny....I guess your "Not looking to paint small things" After your painting of Battle Lore. I would be afraid to even try using flock on the bases, as it would be higher than the troops!