Saturday, May 15, 2021

Sci-fi grab bag

My painting is slowing down as summer opens up options like cycling, kayaking, and gardening. But I'm committed to rolling out something new every week.

This week is a mixed bag of sci-fi, including two ST:TNG and one BSG figure.

These Star Trek figures are from (I think) Victory Force Miniatures and have been on my paint table for a couple of years. The outfit is sculpted as a mesh-mash of TOS and TNG so I painted them as TNG.

They more or less fit in with the other 25/28mm TNG figures I have. 

The missing Jolly from my Tangent Miniatures order also arrived. I wanted to get him painted while I could still recall what colours I used on his colleagues.

He seems to fit in okay. 

Up next: An addition to my Cobra army than probably some 6mm ancients.


Terry Silverthorn said...

Always the challenge when you need to go back & remember the paint schemes. I did write down a bunch of things for the Welsh I did for Saga. Now with the BEF British I have the paints set in a row on my table so I know the order hehe. Things we do as we age to remind ourselves.

Simon Quinton said...

Looking good! I made a list for my Star Wars Rebels. Just in case I decide to get more later on and I can do a similar scheme for them.