Saturday, March 20, 2021

Get your hands off of me...

Today, some 28mm Apes from Crooked Dice. These were a Christmas gift that I am just getting around to painting.

First up is Dr. Zaius, suspected of holding anti-human views. These figures were part of a character set with all of the figures having only one piece.

General Ursus. Not a bad pose for a one-piece figure,

This is Zira. I'm not sure why so looks so flat in this picture--her face has more character in person.

And Cornelius. Probably the lamest of the character poses. Very two-dimensional.

Then there were these two-piece hench-apes pack. The heads and bodies were separate, with the usual divot in between the shoulders to take a neck. The problem was the heads had no corresponding pin and all of the contact is made by the fringe of hair at the bottom of each head.

Overall, pretty dynamic poses.

The only bad head attachment as the fellow with the pole.

Overall, this was a fun project and I look forward to getting these guys on the table in some kind of pulp game.

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