Saturday, February 6, 2021

Tin cans of two types

Terry kindly gifted me some lovely 3-D printed garbage cans right before Xmas. Five came with lids and five came open topped. These painted up very nicely with some gun metal, a rust wash, some spray paint details, a black wash and a matt seal. Very gritty. 

They fit in pretty well with the 28mm and 32mm figure son the flanks. They are jumbo, 70-litre cans for the 25mm figure in the middle.

Since Terry appears congenitally unable to avoid a pun, I thought I would also post up some thematically similar figures I got for Christmas.

These are Argonauts from Crooked Dice. They come with these Cylon heads or a futuristic Greek head.

I see in the photos that I was sloppy with the red so will go back (sigh) and tidy that up. I actually tried to purchase these several years ago from a different company to no avail. I was happy to see these available some where more reputable. I am also hopeful that the matching Colonial figures will appear someday soon.

These fit in with 25 to 32mm figures pretty well.

Up next: Some more 6mm, I think. Then maybe some gangsters?

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