Saturday, January 23, 2021

Fury of Dracula

I've been trying to work through my pile of existing projects and today I finally got round to painting the figures from The Fury of Dracula boardgame. I got this game in a trade maybe two years ago? I keep meaning to run it at the club at Hallowe'en. Maybe early October 2021?

These are 25mm soft plastic figures that come in an uninspiring grey. I primed them and then applied some washes. The result is hardly a master class in painting, but they are good enough for boardgaming.

These are 25mm figures. Below I have put Dracula between a 32mm Heroclix and a 28mm Pulp Figures.

The appalling colour on the bases was my effort to match the game board made worse by (1) harsh lighting and (2) a white primer. Put on the board (below), they look much better and have the watercolour effect I was going for.

I also found a few terrain items that I finished up. An extra model railway tree, some stacks of books from a Wizkids library set, and some rats and a skull from Pulp Figures.

Up next: Some more 6mm Romans. Then maybe some tin cans and a few Christmas gifts that have worked their way forward to the front of the paint table.

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