Saturday, September 12, 2020

More Harry Potter

Some more of the Nanos Metalfigs Harry Potter figures. First up are Harry, Dumbledore and a Dementor. 

I think this is Year 4 Harry. So still in a school uniform but a bit hipper. I will be thrilled to be done painting bloody glasses.

Next up is this dementor. I don't really recall what they looked like in the movies. Kind of like this? I would have thought more of a reaper peak on the cloak, but whatever.

And then this red Dumbledore. He's looks like Santa Claus. I hate painting red. It looks better in person.

Then we have the kids in Year 7. 

I'm so disappointed in these pictures. Ron looks way better than this in person!

Harry, looking a touch Hitler after the wash. Happy with the jacket, though.

Hermione. Not sure why her face is out of focus.

And Neville Longbotton. I think this is Year 7 (he was in school while the rest were on the lam). Could also be Year 4? I dunno.

Up next: Back to some Trek.