Saturday, June 6, 2020

Star Trek The Next Generation Monopoly Pieces

I always have my eye out for interesting board gaming pieces. These figures are from the STTNG Monopoly game and are roughly 25/28mm figures.

The figures look a bit like the 54mm Rawcliffe pewter sculpts but are different. They are also quite slight (more of a 20mm plastic vibe). I've no idea what Worf is doing (below): the Monster Mash?

There were also four other figures (O'Brien, Pulaski, Yar and Guinan) that you could mail order, but I have only seen them once on eBay for a huge price!

I put them up against some other Star Trek figures I have for size comparison. Left to right we have a Victory Force Miniatures Space Crew (TMP Klingon variant, painted as a TOS Romulan), a Space Vixen's from Mars STTNG Klingon,  a STTNG Monopoly pieces, a Matakishi's TOS Star Ship Crew and a 1st Corp TOS Ships Crew.

Up next: More bleeding Zombies!

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