Friday, June 21, 2019

Club night and graffiti

I made it out to the club this week. Bruce hosted four guys in another Congo Gulch game. This time it was a good old election, with each player trying to get to the post office to cast ballots for their candidates.

As we had a bit of overflow, Chen and I duked it out in Imperial Settlers. Damn, was Chen a hard opponent on his first time through the game!

We ended up tied for victory points at the end it was decided based upon remaining resources! need to refresh myself on the rules over a couple of points before playing again.

In the meantime, there was a fair bit of shooting and other silliness on main street I left before this was decided. Biggest lesson seemed to be that a secret ballot made for a more interesting game.

Some decals I ordered on eBay came in this week. The old time murals and posters were pretty good.

The graffiti was printed on clear film and it really needs some white paint in behind to pop. Lesson learned!

Evens some basic signage makes a big difference on these buildings, though.

And this sign made me laugh (when I found my reading glasses!).

Up next: Maybe some scenery as well as a tiny 28mm D&D commission I took on.


Scott M said...

The decals and signs really make the buildings pop. A small detail like that really makes a difference.

Anonymous said...
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