Saturday, May 25, 2019

Congo Gulch: Gold Rush

Old Jethro came to town with his poke full of gold and now everyone is headed to the hills to stake a claim! Basic mechanics were move to hill, grab a poker chip from one of six piles, and return to bank to stake claim. First chip from each colour to bank got that claim (which yielded victory points at end of game).

Everyone hauls for the hills on the first turn except the lawman, who elect to wait in the graveyard to waylay returning prospectors and jump their claim. Richard rather unfortunately got caught in a nasty two-way cross fire between the townies and the lawmen and was reduced to a single unit early on.

In the hills, Team Sombero discovers trigger happy prospectors!

While gold is collected, some locals encounter a mountain lion.

Eventually, Richard and Chen start to come back to town with gold claims.

That left Scott and I to try to shoot them up before they could get into the bank.

Richard managed to survive numerous combats and got in the bank. So Scott and I turned on Chen and a claim squirted loose.

I grabbed it and ran for the bank while we tried to keep Chen pinned down with a second claim outside of the bank.

At the end fo the game, the dastardly lawmen won the day (high die roll for gold points). Overall, a fun game with lots of potential strategies to play out. Thanks to Bruce for hosting! Also, welcome to new comer Dan, who watched the game and wrangled casualties.

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