Saturday, July 21, 2018

Tomb of Horus

We had four guys out at the cub on Tuesday, with Terry hosting Chen, Bruce and I in a game of Tomb of Horus. Basically, this is a smash a grab kind of game wit the winner having the most dosh at the end. The excitement comes from the random nature of the falling blocks (which creates a random end point).

Bruce handily won the first game, rushing in, grabbing the highest value treasure and then getting out while I wandered around with no real plan.

Game 2 was better and I ended up with the most treasure. We also saw Chen trapped inside the tomb when a block came down just as he was making his way out.

Overall, a fun game--thanks to Terry for hosting.


fireymonkeyboy said...

Sounds neat - where did you come across it?

Terry Silverthorn said...

The game is OOP now, however looking at BGG or some gaming auctions you may find a copy. Good luck! You won't regret getting this wonderful game. Its called The Adventurers Pyramid of Horus