Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Rather than writing a 2016 wrap-up, I thought I'd start out the new year looking forward instead. At home we're working our way through the opening stages of Pandemic Legacy. While permanently altering a board game (thus making it disposable) rubs me the wrong way, I'm thinking of this as an experiment.

Below you can see we've had our first outbreak in south Africa and Johannesburg has a level one panic sticker attached to it. As panic rises, it gets hard to access the city and it may fall into rioting and implode.

I've also been painting. This is the British part of an Armies in Plastic box. I think there are 13 fellows here, representing a generic regiment of the line.

Nice figures, only one really bad bend I could not remedy (droopy bayonet), and I painted them to match an earlier unit so the figures are interchangeable for when Richard Borg's AWI game finally drops.

Below are two recently painted figures and one from an earlier grouping--close enough that I have to look to tell them apart.

Up next: Well, Bruce has promised to bring some Aurelian to the club and then I hope we can finish out Aurelian/Druid campaign the next week. Bruce has offered to act as quartermaster if I run some Musket and Tomahawk games so I need to make some play aids and an orbat. I also have a bunch more 54mm AWI on the painting table and I'd like to plan for an Xmas-themed 2017 club game.


Unknown said...

Dear Bob, I am collecting IMEX/ACCURATE, A Call To Arms and Armies in Plastic (AIP) figures for British and American armies of AWI. For the German "mercenaries" I suggest the Prussians by HAT, unfortunately here in Europe now very difficult to find. For the Continental Dragoons I used the Napoleonic French Dragoons from HAT (item 9009) with some modification to the helmet and the correct paintjob.
For the wargame I use the free rules by Ken Cliffe "All the King's Men" from the same site and for the big battles "Armchair Generals" of the same author.
Very interesting also "About Bonaparte" rules for 54 mm. miniatures of the Horse and Musket era by the Belgian Dirk Donvil.
Thank you for posting the images of your miniatures: they are very inspiring for my lazy and poor painting!
Greetings from Genoa (Italy)

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks for your note Marco! These are great suggestions; the HaT Prussians are also hard to find here so I ordered some older Hessians from a playset. I will get jaegers from All The King's Men. I'd do everything metal but the cost of 54mm metal plus shipping plus a weak dollar makes this unaffordable!

I'm currently building towards a miniature version of Tricorne:

i think I should have enough stuff painted when the game comes out in March.