Thursday, September 8, 2016

Club Night September 6

We had a great turn out for our first club night of the autumn with (I think) 16 guys playing at one point. Dave hosted a WW2 Crete game that began with a flaming British plane. Reports were sketchy but the German paratroops spent some time looking for their weapons pods... .

I managed to snap a reasonable panorama shot as everyone was setting up.

I played a game of Muskets & Tomahawks using Stephen's beautifully painted 28mm Imaginations troops. The rules played nicely, with card drive activation to add in some C&C issues.

It was a straight forward encounter to break point with pretty similar forces.

Here I am with everyone in order and looking good.

Things are more complex here with my cavalry charging towards the top of the frame, trying to get around his main body of infantry on the right while avoiding his cavalry and skirmishers. In the meantime, I'm working my skirmishers around on the right (you can just see the smoke from their volley).

And then this happened. It was close for awhile after that but eventually my cavalry disintegrated (really being more dragoons than cavalry). A very fun and pretty game.

There was also some CC (Zama, I think).

Dennis and Chen were getting some DBA practice in in anticipation of the Fallcon tourney.

And Kevin ran another well attended and very beautiful game of Silver Tower.

Up next: Hard to see; my time is pretty tight these days.

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