Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 7 club night

We had about a dozen guys out at the club this week. Larry ran a game of Samurai battles which looked fun.

Taylor hosted a 15mm WW2 game (maybe Crossfire?). The extreme lighting posed some photgraphic challenges!

Bruce hosted game of the new Osprey sailing rules (fighting sail?). The British (foreground) struggled to hold of a gaggle of French ships, despite truly lopsided die rolls.

The French had the wind and used is to close. These was a race to see who could cross whose T but if you can't win an initiative roll, it is pretty hard to win the damned game!

Eventually the lines met and the French crossed the British T, causing untold suffering and declarations of woe.

As night fell, the lines got mixed up and the British bad luck suddenly turned, with a pair of French ships being blown to smitherines. Earlier complaints about the rules being broken were retracted.

Up next: Some 1/72 WW2 Germans and then onto some British desert vehicles.


tim said...

I've been back and forth about whether to pick up Fighting Sail... There's also a age of sail game coming out from Ganesha Games called Galleys and Galleons... In the end I'll probably pick up both!?

Did it play quick or was it kind of clunky?

Unknown said...

Samurai battles. I think that a genre I'd like to take up. What rules system was used?

Unknown said...

Command & Colours, wasn't too impressed with the Art of War rules, seemed too fiddly for the scale

Bob Barnetson said...

Slickest sail rules I've ever played.

Bob Barnetson said...

Only change the rules needed were a follow the leader rile to speed in closing instead of having each ship roll each turn. Once you get close, though, ships should have to roll for movement. Very nice mechanics for dealing with sail and hull damage.

Unknown said...

So what was consensus on the Osprey rules? I ran a game and had one complaint that is easily fixable. Will play again. However many age of sail aficionados hate them. I would play them again because the mechanics are different and easy for others to pick up.


Bob Barnetson said...

The four guys who played all liked the rules because they were simple and easy to learn and gave a decent game. What I liked was there was just enough colour to feel like age of sail but not enough details to bog things down if I wanted to operate a squadron. But I like slightly more abstract games. Detailed folks (who want to sail a ship) will not like these.

Krigsminister said...

Where are the ships from?

Bob Barnetson said...

These are GHQ ships rigged with florist wire cut to length, paints black and crazy glued in place.