Sunday, June 21, 2015

More Longstreet

Bruce and I played a second game of Longstreet last week. The south was again defending and forced to set up inside the white zone to protect an objective marker. My plan was to rush my cavalry forward on the right and set up in the trees while infantry manned the wall.

Alas, Bruce moved much more quickly than anticipated and I barely got the infantry to the wall before the got shot up while in column of march. I re-routed the cavalry to the left flank, thinking I might have an opportunity to enfilade his central force.

Bruce pushed me off the wall on the right but I managed to turn my cannons and contain his advanced. In the middle, the lines clashed inconclusively while his cavalry ran into traffic problems.

Eventually, the north decided the battle could not be won and started to fall back. Bruce covered his retreat with a gimmicky (i.e., my favourite) card that put rough terrain down.

Another interesting game, with lots drama and the armies are evolving in interesting ways. Looking forward to game three!

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