Sunday, February 22, 2015

54mm AWI British with buff facings

Another battalion of 54mm British regulars are done (I'm gonna have to order reinforcements!) and ready for the table. These guys will see combat at the club next week.

I did this unit with buff facings and turn backs. While washing these, I was so busy wicking excess wash from the turn backs that I neglected the front of the figures and one fellow appears to have executed a code brown (will need to do some repainting...).

I also sealed them before the wash to keep the whites whiter. They looks less field worn than the earlier regiment I did.

Up next: I have the command for these guys almost done. Then on to a general and some artillery.


Scott M said...

If you plan on making another order Bob, let me know, I wouldn't mind picking up a unit or two for 1812.

Bob Barnetson said...

Sure. Let me think a bit on what I want!

nobby said...

There's always one in a company that can't keep himself clean. His name was Stamp when I was in. :0)