Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 18 club night

We had a dozen guys out a the club on Tuesday and four games ran. Chen, Scott and Terry joined me in a Roman Civil War scenario (Thapsus) from CCA. Game 1 saw Team Caesar (in red) ahead for much of the game.

Then, suddenly, Team Pompeii crushed some heavy units in the centre and that was that.

We switched sides and it looked like another win for Team Pompeii. I was so confident, I was mocking Julius leading from the rear. Then suddenly there was a cavalry attack on the left flank and a three banner swing in favour of Team Caesar! Arrrgh.

There were also two games of Kings of War. The artillery piece was the subject of a 75-dice attack!

And there was some X-wing as well!

Up next: Some more 15mm fantasy figures are drying. Then I'm not sure.

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