Friday, January 6, 2012

Uncharted Seas Orc ships

I took an odd-ball commission this week to paint five orc ships for Uncharted Seas. These are 1/600 resin models with metal sails. I recall Neil raving about these ships when they came back from the sculptor but then never got around to seeing any.

I don't recall ever painting ships and certainly not fantasy ones. My instructions were to use my imagination so I decided to paint them one at a time to allow me to get the hang of it and improve each ship. It's not like an orc fleet would be particularly uniform, anyhow.

This blue ship is a frigate (I think--or maybe a cruiser--my memory is shot tonight). I see I need to fix the paint on the backside of the sail. Overall, a lovely model. Little flash, no assembly and great, great detail. I went with a simple two-tone blue scheme, using some layering on the sails and a drybrushing on the hull. I think the cannons are a bit too copper.

I then went on to one of the battleships, using a green scheme and a bit more elaborate work on the sail. I wonder if a bit of yellow in the middle of the sail design might make it pop some? A star or something? Again, great hull detail that drybrushed up nicely. I am going to try multi-colour schemes on the next few ships.

Up next: Well, three more orc ships are better than half-way done. And I also finished the painting on my left-over Celts. These need a wash and some basing. Then onto either some more Romans or Dale's commission (not yet here). I'm off to play some Maurice at Bruce's tomorrow.


Scott M said...

Those look pretty slick!

Eric Wilde said...

Well done, sir!

Joseph Bloch said...

Absolutely beautiful. If I may suggest, perhaps instead of a star in the center of the design, you just put eyes. Like the sun/whatever is staring out from the sail. Just a thought.

Paul´s Bods said...

Nice one..but aren´t orcs allergic to getting near water :-D

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks guys.

Joseph: Good idea!

Paul: I'll need to check my Osprey on Orcs proclivities re: water.