Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FoW German Paratroops

Awhile back fellow I know asked me to paint some 15mm WW2 French troops for a Cassino campaign he was playing in. They turned out okay and were fairly fun to paint. Subsequently, the German opponents (paratroopers as it turned out) also came my way (consistent basing was important).

I finished the first of two batches tonight. First up we have an infantry company of nine bases plus command. The figures were in a three-colour camo pattern. Oh my, that was a challenge. What colours look good together, will darken acceptably with the wash and will still have an appropriate colour shift to look in scale? Not sure I quite nailed it but pretty close.

The Battlefront figures have a nice amount of detail. I wish the individual bases were thinner (or smaller) but they do a nice job of them overall. Below is a shot where I tried to show the camo pattern. The green looks a bit Christmas-y but there is a weird colour shift thing happening--it does not pop that much in real life.

There was also a set of guns. Normally I hate assembling artillery (and chariots--chariots suck) but these guns were very nicely made and went together quickly.

There are also a couple of command/FO bases.

Up next: Drying right now are MG and mortar units to fill out the Germans ranks. And I have some 6mm FPW that I will primer tomorrow when the glue dries on the paint sticks. Thereafter, I'm not too sure.

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