Monday, January 9, 2012

28mm Celt Reinforcements

As part of my 2012 plan to paint down the pile and complete some projects, here is the first installment (or two) of "the rest of the Celts". These are 28mm Wargames Factory figures that I picked up a couple of years back.

These fellows are based for HoTT/DBA with 60mm frontages and a bit of extra depth. I often find myself short of light troops when we play games like Commands and Colors Ancients so I made up three bases of slingers and two bases of bow.

I see that I also have some metal RAFM Celts sitting with the Carthaginian army (another project for this year) so I guess I'm not done with stripes and plaid just yet. I quite like the largish fellow on the right-hand stand below--sort of a self portrait, if I owned a neck torc.

For HoTT, I did a base of magicians. I think the two figures on the left are Warlord Games and the lady on the right is an Artizan Designs figure. I'm not sure what the lady has in her bowl--some sort of korma?

All of these have been kicking around the top of my desk for awhile. I also have a beggar but I'm not sure where he fits in. Perhaps he'll get added to a camp?

I also did up one command base. This fellow is for CCA, as I'm often short of commanders. Looks like he had a good day on the battlefield.

Up next: I have some more Celts that will be finished tomorrow (drying now) and I have a game of Maurice planned with Bruce for Tuesday night. I also have 20-odd Roman Legionnaires nearly painted--just need to wash and finish the shield designs. And a bunch of 15mm German WW2 paratroops arrived at my door last night demanding paint ("Schnell! Schnell!").


Alcidas said...

Took a close look at that bowl and I m convinced that it is not korma, but dhal...

Bob Barnetson said...

I was hoping for a paneer dish, but you know how ethnocentric the druids are... .