Thursday, January 12, 2012

28mm Imperial Romans

About five years ago, I got a sample sprue of Warlord's 28mm Imperial Romans to review. These were among the first of the 28mm historical plastics. After the review, these fellows sat on my shelf for awhile. Then I traded them to Justin. Then they were traded back to me. So I finally decided to build them.

There are six bases of legionnaires. A couple of the figures had been previously built to populate as DBA camp but the rest were brand new. Assembly was easy and painting was a snap. These are very nice figures.

As the sprue was a sampler, I did not have an decals for the shields. I decided to try painting them. The pattern is reasonable enough but was too small relative to the shield size. Oh well, a good lesson!

I also acquired a 28mm Warlords metal general figure somewhere. This angle is not very kind to the figure--he is quite nice.

Below I have tried for a side-by-side show of the Wargames Factory Republicans versus the Warlord Games Imperials. The Warlord games have superior detail and are appreciable smaller (the Wargames Factory guys are quite stooped).

Up next: I have some 15mm FoW Germans on paint sticks and I will prime them this afternoon. I also have some wooden soldiers (42mm) that I will start on shortly. Then some 6mm fellows.


  1. Those look great, Bob! I recently picked up the Warlord Games medicus vignette. I'm not sure why... it seemed like a good idea at the time...

  2. Thanks Tim. The figures are really nice--crisp edges, assembly was easy (one arm, head, shield), a joy to paint!

  3. They look great, and the shields have come up really well. I can't free-hand shields to save myself, so I am well impressed!

  4. Very nice work! I have some late republican Romans I am kind of scared to start myself.

  5. Thanks guys. I'm pretty happy with the figures and will learn to live with the shields!

  6. Would you say both the manufacturer's miniatures are able to be mixed and matched into an army? (This was what I was trying to ask on the other blog, friend.) Warlord Games (WG) miniatures look small to me, but those other ones, the Wargames Factory (WF)miniatures look about the right sized for facing a GW army. Seeing how you have both sets, which set would you prefer to buy to face a GW army? Or would you buy both and mod them together? The sizes look like MAYBE a mix and match but those WG do seem really small. What is your opinion? BTW, great paint jobs. :) Someday if im stationed near yah we could play some tabletop games. :)

  7. Robert,

    Thanks kindly for your note. I think the Warlord Games guys would go well with more traditional 25mm figures while, facing a GW army, you'd likely want the Wargames Factory models (skellies shouldn't be taller than the flesh-clad bodies!). That said, the Warlord Games figures are more nicely sculpted and detailed.